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Route between stone-walled properties and frozen villages in the past.

A route between walls with plots of land where they once farmed and rural villages frozen in the past will be images that the visitor will keep after walking along cobblestone paths through the history of A Terra Cha. This route has several different points of interest. The viewpoint of O Pedreiriño, the first of them, is accessed after a short walk. It is an elevated recreation area between rocks and pine forests, with a privileged position in the surroundings of the O Laboreiro mountain range.

The views cover a large part of the region with the Limia river in the area of the Lindoso reservoir and the spectacular mountain range of O Xurés. This shows a complete panoramic view of its granite peaks and often covered with snow in winter.

The viewpoint is accompanied by the fountain of O Pedreiriño and by an image of San Rosendo sculpted in granite on a rock, work of the sculptor Xosé Cid.
From here continuing the route we leave the road just in the place where the Ermita Santo Cristo de Lumiar is located. Here we leave a secondary road to return to the land that leads us to the villages of Venceáns and Queguas. From the latter and in the next 10km no more villages will be visited except for As Cortes da Carballeira. A clear example of the richness of Galician popular architecture. Remains of old buildings where only stone, wood and tile coexist. In this village you can find A Ermita da Ascensión and a spectacular large oak tree.

It remains to reach from here the northernmost point of the route just where the Cova da Moura is located. A megalithic monument reflecting an ancient past.
From here the route begins a gentle descent in a southerly direction, surrounded by large areas of scrubland, until it meets routes 10 and 12 near Entrimo where this route ends.