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ROUTE 03 Megalithic MTB center

ROUTE 03 Megalithic MTB center

Nice bike ride that takes you back to the Bronze Age

From the Welcome Point located in the Aviva Mountain Center, in the nucleus of As Maus de Salas, starts this pleasant bike ride that allows us to go back to the Bronze Age with a clear playful-interpretative character of the archaeological heritage that survives in the environment of this Natural Park.

During our itinerary, we will share sections with Route 4 "Picos de Fontefría" and Route 5 "Serra do Pisco".

Before crossing the dam of the Salas reservoir, we will find the Casiña da Moura and, shortly after crossing it, the Casola do Foxo, located in a small natural viewpoint that coincides with the existing link with Route 4. These are the two most important dolmens of A Baixa Limia, dating from the third millennium BC and displaced from their place of origin due to the construction of the reservoir.

After pedaling along a track that borders the reservoir, where you can see several very unique rock formations, we reach the bridge that connects Guntumil with As Maus de Salas. At this point of the route, you can choose to link with Route 5, which goes to the shelter of O Pisco, or cross the bridge to continue our archaeological itinerary and visit another of the samples of the height of Megalithism in this territory: the necropolis of Outeiro de Cavaladre, formed by two mámoas (megalithic tombs) where remains of arrowheads and ceramic vessels were found.

We return to the starting point through the narrow streets of As Maus de Salas, where the remains of the chapel of Santa Baia can still be seen.